DIRK VANDEN: "Pioneer of Gay Literature"

Images By Dirk

Here are copies of photographs of my artwork, saved over the years as Polaroids, snapshots, copies of newspaper & magazine pages. Some of the shots are a little fuzzy. Sorry! I never dreamed of publishing them! It also never occurred to me to keep records, so my recollection of the background of the paintings, when & why I painted them, who bought them, or who I gave them to, are as hazy as some of the images.

They are mostly in chronological order, more or less. I have probably made a few mistakes when guessing the years. But they're close guesses. You can see them at my art website here.

The Gospel According To Gabriel Horny

Warning! NOT pornographic!

After awhile you begin to understand the way the world works, and it isn't at all like they told you!

Click here for a pdf of the whole gospel.

Is Jesus Gay?

I vividly remember a joke told many years ago, in a smoke-filled Gay Bar in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the very unliberated 1960s, by a Gay man whose drag-name was Delite Fantastique. He was a danseur:
Did you ever hear the one about Jesus being Gay? No? Well...it seems there were these two queens, and one of them insisted that Jesus was gay, and the other one was equally adamant that he wasn't. So the first one says 'Well, what about that drag he always wore?' and the other one says 'You nellie twit, all the men wore drag in those days!'
‘Then what about that long, Marcelled hair?’ said the first.
‘My dear, all the men had their hair long and Marcelled in those days!’
'Okay,' says the first one, 'But what about all those men who kept following him?'
'You really are exasperating, you silly goose! Those were his Followers. That's what Followers do, Precious, they follow!’
'Oh, all right!’ says the first. 'I'll give you the drag, and I'll give you the long, wavy hair, and I'll even give you all those so-called Followers - also in drag, I might add - but please tell me this: Who...who but a Queen...would get out of a boat... in the middle of a lake...in the middle of a storm...and say ‘I'll walk!?'
My first reaction was to cringe, expecting lightening through the ceiling! I laughed a little too loudly with the others, and a new image entered my mind: of Jesus in a brilliant white gown, a neon halo tilted slightly above his head, flouncing gaily across the waves on the Sea of Galilee, with all of the disciples on the boat applauding and cheering!
That was the seed that planted "Gay Jesus" in my mind. Click here for a pdf of the full version.