DIRK VANDEN: Master of Gay Erotica


The original version of Down the Rabbit Hole was written five years before Stonewall. It was called Hares and Hatters, but the publishers - Greenleaf - changed my title to Leather.


It is almost impossible to know when something begins or exactly where it ends. Even though a thing seems to blossom suddenly, or suddenly die, there are countless little events that have gone on before, or that follow, to shape what seem to be drastic changes in our lives. A few brief months ago, I considered myself an 'adjusted homosexual.' I'd been Gay for at least seven years; that is to say, at the age of twenty I finally admitted what I'd suspected and feared for several years before that. I was forced to admit it because I fell in love with a young man - PFC Eric Winters who bumped into me one night at the PX and spilled beer all over both of us. We lived together for just over four years. 'Lived' is a misleading word. For the first two years it was far more than simply living together; ... (read more here).